Amazing day trips around Prea & Jericoacoara

If you are not just here for kiting or simply if you have an open minded and wish to discover the wild environment that this beautiful part of Brazil has to offer …you are at the right place !

From the house you can easily discover magical places around Prea & Jericoacoara if you decide to go for a day trip with or without your kite gear depending on the mood 😉

Here is a short list of superb day trip to organize , ask our staff, they will assist you and a buggy will come and pick-you up directly in front of the house.



Tatajuba is an authentic village located 25 kilometers north of Prea . It will take you 2 hours of buggy to drive there (with many stops to enjoy the environment) and you will arrive at the beautiful lagoon where you can eat fresh fish, lobster, Oyster etc... On your way to Tatajuba you will cross a river and observe : the beautiful sandunes, the mangrove, typical fishermen village, wild animals .... Not to be missed !



Behind Prea you can find 3 Lagoons full of sweet water in the middle of the dunes ! This is really unique and very cool to do as a great family activity. Each of these lagoon as a several beaches and some restaurant where you can eat in front of the water. Some of the lagoons are just 20 minutes from the house in buggy ; don't miss this opportunity. Some kiting is also possible in the lagoons especialy from july to september.



20 minutes South of Prea you will find the authentic fishermen village of Barrinhas. The main reason to go their is to discover the most authentic fishermen village of the coast and to eat fresh lobster. The environment around Barrinha is also fantastic : huge sand dunes, wild animals, lagoons... Barrinha flat water sport for world class kitesurfing.



30 minutes from Prea , after the Jericoacoara Sunset dune and before reaching the Guriu River you reach Mango Seco; the main interest of this short trip is to bring the kids to observe the sea horses in their natural environment ; a must see !



25 minutes from the house , Jijoca is the main town of the area...if you are curious about the culture and the linving of the brazilian go there to visit the market and make some local shoppping. Note also that you have some banks to get some cash money.



Located 1 hour north of Prea, Camocim is the "bridge city" between the Jericoacoara National Park and the extreme north of the Ceara state before reaching the Piauí state and heading the beautiful delta do Parnaíba. Camocim is an authentic city with big street markets where you can live the true life of the cearense.

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