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Praia do Preà - BRASIL

A breakfast service and daily home cleaning are included in your stay at Casa Estrela Do Mar & Estrelinha…Feel like in a private pousada !

Enjoy Prea !


Here are the service included in the price of your stay:


Here are the services we can propose to you on demand:

Our local tips to make the most of your trip in Praia do Prea !


Buy some fresh fish

or some lobster in the “peixaria” Por do Sol (on the Prea beach, behind the jangadas) , ask for Lindomar !


Rent a buggy

for one day or more and enjoy a good trip at Lagoa do Paraiso  (20 minutes ride from Prea) – Contact us for buggy rentals.


Jijoca market

Visit the typical Jijoca market place (a buggy is needed)

(30 minutes ride from Prea)


Jangadas (local fishermen boats) in the center of the Prea beach

Go and see the come back of the Jangadas (local fishermen boats) in the center of the Prea beach ; you will see the beautiful jangadas full of fresh fishes and shrimps ; they usually are back in between 8.00 and 10.00 am. 


Top of the sand dune

Climb on top of the sand dune behind the house and look at the fabulous sunset on the ocean.


Endless night in Jericoacoara

Spend an endless night in Jericoacoara starting by the sunset on the Jeri dune, the Capoeira demo on the beach,  few caïpirinhas at the baracas, a nice restaurant, back to the baracas for a last cocktail and finish the night with the Samba “night club” to dance untill the rising sun !  


 Downwind from Prea (or Jeri) to Tatajuba

Organise a downwind from Prea (or Jeri) to Tatajuba and eat in a nice restaurant on the Tatajuba lagoon (a bugeiro is needed)


Flat water in Barinhas

Go an ride some flat water in Barinhas when the tide is low


Downwind from Prea to “la placa”

Ride downwind from Prea to “la placa” (end of the Prea beach in direction to Jeri) when the tide is high (bigger waves!)

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